Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday... Reluctant Teenager!

Today is my "little man's" fifteenth birthday. I am amazed at how he has come up in this world, entering it 15 years ago, fighting for his life, nearly dying and having such a rough road for the first four years of his childhood.

Today I look at a young man, brimming with possibilities and starting his freshman year of high school, making new friends and creating life long memories. He is my heart, my sunshine, his calm demeanor has always been a comfort. He is a testament to his birth name being "calm and restful", he has an easy going, laid back personality and a quick, quirky smile. He has strong sense of right and wrong and is quick to side with the underdog in any situation. He loves music, all types of music and it constantly having me listen to some remix of a song from my teen years that has been brought back to life.

He loves movies, the two of us can watch movies all day long and have wonderful conversations about the plot, story, actors and what if's... He is an actor at heart, using different personalities and voices to make others laugh whether with him or at him, just as long as they laugh. He loves, LOVES , L-O-V-E-S Chris Farley, adores Jack Black and the Might Boosh. He emulates them at any given moment, usually when the tension in the air needs to be cut with a machete, there is the reluctant teenager spouting off some Might Boosh rap or quipping some random line from Beverly Hills Ninja.

He is finding his nitch in life, different from his sister, but any many ways similar. He will not make excuses, he is honest to a fault and has a heart bigger than any I have ever seen. I love this boy and feel blessed that he was brought into my life so I could watch over him as he navigates his way to adulthood. I do not know what life brings for my little man, but I know that he will touch everyone he meets in some way or another, if with only kindness or a laugh. And that makes me one happy frugal mommy!



Aubrey said...

what a sweet post about your son! They grow up too fast huh...not looking forward to mine turning 15...but we'll have fun when they do!

Audra said...

Aw, thank you Aubrey! It's hard when your first hits that mark, but when the baby does... It is almost heart breaking. I still look for traces of my little boy, hard to find them but I know they are there!