Monday, August 17, 2009

Fabulous Finds

Saturday morning was a scorcher, 86 degrees at 7:00 am, but I didn't let that side line me as I headed to a few yard sales after picking up my co-op basket. Visted a few lack-luster sales, then stumbled up a sale where the mother was letting the kids price and sell the pay for a back to school party. Picked up a few great items for the College Diva's dorm room.

This year she is in a Greek dorm with her girls from her sorority. Two girls to a room with only one shared closet, four girls being "suite-mates" and sharing one bathroom. (I can not even fathom! Quel horror!)

This year we changed the colors of Diva's room after finding bedding on 90 % mark down this spring. (Thank you Target!) Her bed set is green and white and she is going to intermix "Alpha Delta Pi" blue for a little "Pop".

Spied these frames, that were in a baby boys room. Perfect colors, just removed the picture (that was actually heavy wrapping paper..super idea!) $2.00 for both. Just what the Diva needed. Score!

The shelf was also in the baby boy room and it coordinates perfectly with Diva's bed set. $2.00. Double Score!

I also purchased the metal "antique" tile for $2.00 and the wrought iron brackets also for $2.00 for the pair. Both still had the Hobby Lobby price stickers attached. $4.00 for $23.00 worth of Hobby Lobby goodness. Now that is FRUGAL SCORE!
Headed off to another sale where I found a few things to add to the projects pile, although I am pretty sure I will be getting around to the sooner than later, as they just need a touch of fabulousness from my best-friend-forever...Spray paint. I am going to give them both the twice over with black spray paint to give them a new life in my kitchen.

Don't you love this little chippy stool? I think I squealed with joy when I saw the $1.50 price tag! I almost don't want to paint it, but I think I will and maybe distress it later on.

I had to have this wooden shelf, the scrolls, the knobs, the flat surface begging to be decorated. I almost didn't get this girls, the price was a little on the pricey side, but I had to ask if they would take less than $10.00 for it. A compromise was reached at $6.00.
I will post the make over pic's later this week!

I encourage you to head over to
Southern Hospitality to see what lovelies Rhoda and the ladies found this weekend! It will inspire you in your own yard sale, thrifting endeavors!

Headed off to move the Diva into her splendid new digs... ttfn.



aubrey said...

I am drooling over your goodies! What great finds! I got an antique door this weekend for 25 pennies :) I'll post a pic soon...I also love to read Riana's blog...i love the way she writes!

Cheri Peoples said...

Love chippy paint. You found some awesome deals.

Come for a visit.
Its So Very Cheri

Meg Haskins said...

Most excellent scores, Audra! Have a great week!

Wendy said...

You found some great stuff! I bet they will look great!