Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Passion of the ...Frugal Missus

Anyone who knows ME, really, deeply knows me, knows I "heart" yard sales, rummage sales, thrift stores and the like. I am obsessed with yard saling, leaving early, plotting my course, looking for those hidden treasures and acquiring them for the best price possible. I rejoice in the thrill of the hunt, I lurve other peoples stuff! I always have, I probably always will. It has a story to tell and I want to hear it and share it with everyone.

My mother use to tell a story of when I was just a little bitty thing, about 2 1/2 or so, a lady complimented me on my lovely lavender pinafore dress with matching bloomers. My mother had made the darling dress from fabric out of my Grandmother's stash. As this lady admired the dress, and ooh'd and aahhh'd, she sweetly asked me, "where did you get this lovely dress?" I promptly replied in my sing-songy two year old voice ... "at the wummage sayle". My mother was mortified, this was a brand new dress, as beautiful as if it had come out of the department store and here I was dismissing it as USED!

Apparently, I used that line for everything I owned. I loved and still love those rummage sales, sorting through the cast offs to find my treasure. I will be out there on Saturday morning trolling the streets looking for my newest acquisition. I promise to have pictures soon!


Angie said...

I am with you girl! Love going to yard sales, flea markets, all those places you can get good deals!

Audra said...
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