Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love your......

Has this happened to you lately? Someone compliments/comments on your outfit or particular piece of clothing and utters those words..."Where did you get that? I love it".

For me it's usually co-workers or someone while I am out and about. The innocent statement is most often followed by the comment, "where did you get that???"

Answering candidly, I tell them the truth. I still am surprised how many people are stunned, at my honesty. As if telling them I bought it previously owned is TABOO! I am not ashamed of shopping at Thrift stores or yard sales, I am proud that I am able to dress well for less than most people pay for "Designer" coffees for month. It appears that some people still have "dirty thrift store" mentality or some sort of stigma attached to the last thrift store they visted to in 1978. I have shopped frugally for most of my life with the exception when I dabbled in the mall scene, but only for a few years before coming to my senses!

The last person to compliment/comment on my attire was taken back, when I unabashedly stated my designer duds came from the thrift store and they were HALF OFF to boot. Nothing like a sale at the thrift store to make me do a HAPPY DANCE. Her comment..."How can you wear something that someone else has worn?". Oh deary me, if I had a dollar for EVERY time I have heard this I would still be shopping at the thrift store. WHAT THE??? I asked her the same question I always ask "those" people. "When you buy your clothes at the store or mall, do you think that you are the ONLY person that has tried them on? Don't you wash your clothes after you get them home?" I just paid less to look great!

My youngest sister, Seriously Frugal, has come back to the Frugal Fold after a few years paying RETAIL. She is past the baby steps and off like a shot! This week she found $168.00 worth of clothes, for less than $5.00! The GW by her office is relocating/closing on the 31st of this month. Everything is 75% off. I am so proud of her!

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Anonymous said...

The sad truth being the boorish mentality that a thrift store is where you send your disregarded wares to "charity" and those that shop there are poor and underprivileged beings has damped the thought of the wonderful items that are held behind these store front doors. Remember, it was merely 30 years or so ago when hand sewing clothing and “hand-me-downs” were still widely practiced. The thought that throwing out or getting rid of your unwanted items has become second nature, taking the place of living simply, living frugally, and saving to enjoy time spent time with family and friends (in super cool duds picked up at the thrift store). I find that it has become increasingly more accepted, at least in my closer circle, when I purchase second-hand; and believe it or not, more people are becoming jealous of the money I am saving.